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Welcome to Quirky French!

Your resource to get over your fear of speaking French and finally overcome your language-learning plateau!

Hey there, my name is Nahéma, I help learners of French (finally) become fluent and confident when they speak, even if they feel insecure about their conversation skills. 

But first, do the statements below sound like you?


You’ve been learning French for a while, yet when it comes to conversation, this often happens:

- You freeze or your mind goes blank when you try to have a conversation

- You get so self-conscious that you'd rather avoid interactions altogether...

- You hear one long stream of sounds and you don't recognise words that you know you know!!

- You get so busy trying to figure a word out that you end up missing the rest of the discussion!

- You want to show your true personality when you speak.

- You want to be able to speak freely without getting stuck or anxious!

Sounds familiar?

What’s even worse is that no matter how long you’ve been learning French, no matter how much studying you do every day, you still can’t seem to get it right. It’s not like you weren’t trying! If anything, it’s like the more you try, the more it feels like nothing will do, and you can see that you’ve reached the dreaded plateau stage and cannot break free from it.

What if I told you that you too can be fluent in French?

Imagine what that would feel like to simply speak freely. You don't need to put all your brain juice into figuring out how to piece a sentence together. No getting stuck over words, no overthinking or trying to figure out what the person just said. You’re just speaking. Simple as that. You're communicating in French and feeling at ease.

What if I told you that you can study less and learn more? 

You're not studying for hours on end, you aren't feeling frustrated and overwhelmed anymore. You aren't feeling guilty about not studying regularly. None of that. Instead, you have a routine that fits your lifestyle perfectly. You enjoy learning and you’re actually making progress.

What if I told you that you can be confident and yourself in French?

You are you. But in French. You're not feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. You're not constantly second-guessing yourself.  You are present, engaged in the discussion, and you connect with others. You simply enjoy the experience of French because you’re yourself and in control.

If that sounds amazing to you, let me tell you that you’re in the right place because this is exactly what I’m all about!

By the way, salut! I’m Nahéma, and I’m a language coach.



I help learners like you reach their language goals and become confident and fluent speakers of French.


I have been watching my students grow and achieve their goals for over 12 years now. Last year, I launched Quirky French Podcast, an English-language show that helps students feel more confident, more focused, and more in control of their learning journey. I’m all about mindset work and efficient learning strategies, and my approach is, well, a little quirky:

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First, I believe that you already have everything you need to accomplish that goal



You probably just need a little help along the way! My motto: your quirks are exactly what you need to maximise to reach your goal! And so, instead of solely focusing on improving your French, you’re also going to discover how to take charge of your learning, become a confident student, and use what you have to attain your objective.

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Next, my “3 pillars” training:


I’ve designed a unique coaching technique based on real-life practice: you’ll train with me, but not just! Want to find out more?

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Don't just take my word for it...

"Amazing! Really enjoying how I'm practising French but also learning so much about myself in the process. Nahéma is a great mentor. Loving the energy. Merci Nahéma!"
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