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Discover what you're capable of!

Ready for it?

Get coached with me and finally reach that language goal of yours!

Ok let’s get a few things straight. You want to reach fluency and become confident, and that basically boils down to two things: overcoming your mental blocks and practising relentlessly. This is where I come in. I’m going to take you through a process that will move you from being nervous, always overthinking things and overwhelmed, to focused, in control and confident.

And I mean truly confident, not just well-rehearsed or worse, faking confidence.

You will be you. In French. My coaching program will give you everything you need to reach your language goal. On top of studying French, here’s what you’ll also be learning with me:


You’ll learn to overcome your fear of speaking and other mental blocks so that you gain confidence and can show your true self when you communicate. Speaking will finally feel right!

Learn how to learn

You’ll learn to leverage your learning skills so you know exactly what steps to take to improve your French. You’ll know how to work smarter not harder.


Communication skills

You’ll learn how to fine-tune your listening skills and develop strategies to get your point across efficiently so that you never have to deal with awkward silences again.

My "3 pillars" coaching technique:

Three pillars

Three levels of practice

This is where things get interesting.


I designed a unique coaching technique which I like to call "the 3 pillars technique". The purpose: start with me in coaching sessions, end without me yet full of confidence and able to tackle the real world like a pro! My ultimate goal is for you to not need me anymore!


Each pillar is absolutely essential if you want to become confident and improve your conversation skills. And I am the only coach who offers such a comprehensive program! Read on to discover how this technique is going to empower you and take your French to the next level:

Pillar #1:


Improve and practice your French, develop your learning skills and work on overcoming your fear and other mental blocks every week. This is the first level where you’ll be studying with me 1-1 to develop your skills overall and work towards your goal.

We'll be studying French, but we'll also cover the areas mentioned above: mindset, learning how to learn, communication skills.

  • 1h30 LIVE coaching WITH ME

  • FRENCH resources and worksheets

  • podcast bonus resources

  • Paperback diary mailed to you (UK mainland only)

Pillar #2:


Put your skills to the test each week and familiarise yourself with a variety of accents and voices when you chat with one of my exclusive mystery guests, followed by a dedicated feedback session with me. This is the second level where you’ll be practising those newly acquired skills with a variety of professional speakers through role-playing.

The mystery guests are bilingual and language tutors. They all know how challenging it is to learn a language and become confident, and I built this team just for you to make sure you have plenty of opportunities to practise with a wide range of natives.

  • An ENTIRE team dedicated to youR succeSS!

  • 30 min call WITH A MYSTERY GUEST

  • A different guest each week

  • Boost your confidence through role-playing

laptop trans.png

Pillar #3:

Your Real-world mission

A very special, custom-made “Core Confidence Mission” to challenge yourself in real-life, emailed into your inbox each month with your video instructions and personalised handbook, followed by a dedicated feedback session after you completed the task.


This level is all about putting yourself out there and testing things out self-reliantly. No safety net here, yet this is by far the most rewarding stage as you’ll be proving to yourself how much you’re capable of!

  • A real-life mission to complete ON YOUR OWN

  • VIDEO instructions AND WORKSHEETS



What is so unique and effective about my approach is that it really addresses one of the most common issues for nervous learners: using the language in real-life and practising with natives. You’re going to practise conversation in so many settings that you will progressively develop the habits and confidence to tackle any situation that comes your way. 

It is literally the next best thing to actually being abroad in France! And you won’t find any other program like this one. It doesn’t get any better than this!

It is the closest thing to full immersion, yet you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

Coaching interested in joining

Wanna sign up for coaching?

If you’ve been trying to learn French in the past and haven’t made the progress you hoped you would, then my coaching plan is your solution.

I offer a monthly subscription:

Join when you want, leave when you want. You have complete control over your learning and you study at your own pace.

The monthly payment is £245. Everything is included. All you need to do is show up as your amazing self and open up to your full potential. How about that for amazing value!

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Coaching payment form

Registrations are now open!


Get in touch to schedule your FREE consultation call with me!

Book your free, no-obligation consultation call to join the coaching programme. during the consultation, we will discuss:

  • Your level in French and personal challenges

  • My coaching methods and how they can benefit you

  • The different avenues you can take to reach your goal

If you have any particular request, let me know so I can arrange this for your initial consultation!

Book your FREE consultation

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Don't just take my word for it...

"Amazing! Really enjoying how I'm practising French but also learning so much about myself in the process. Nahéma is a great mentor. Loving the energy. Merci Nahéma!"

Let's do this!

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